About Us

We believe in the church…

We believe in kingdom innovation.
We believe in kingdom innovators.
And we want to see both multiplied and shared.

We don’t create them.
We don’t dream up ideas for them.
We don’t tell them what to do.
We don’t give them a pat answer.
We don’t make them dependent on us.


We find them and connect them to each other.
We help them imagine solutions to their challenges.
We help them dream bigger.
We help them formulate their dreams into workable plans.
We help them get their teams working productively, and
We help them encourage one another.
We help them move from ideas to implementation to impact.

We share their stories with others to
Inspire, Inform, and Encourage
The whole Body of Christ to make a difference
In their community and around the world.

We want to see
The Church Flourish,
Communities Thrive,
And the Whole Land to prosper.

We help foster innovation movements that
Activate The Church to greater impact.
For the Glory of God’s name.

We are Leadership Network.
A group of leaders – investors, team members, church teams, and innovators committed to
Lifting up Jesus through helping churches
To be His hands and feet on this earth and
To share the good news gospel in word and deed.

Join with us.


Our Goal

Our role is to foster innovation movements that activate THE CHURCH to greater impact for the Glory of God’s name.

What began in 1984 with 20 leaders now serves over 200,000 leaders all over the world.

We primarily conduct programs with innovative churches in the U.S., Canada and Europe at the present time. You can go to our programs page here to see the more public ones.

Our programs work with entrepreneurial innovators – leaders starting and doing new things. We focus on the practical parts of ministry action. We use what we call a “peer protocol” which means that our approach is to put leaders with leaders and let them learn from one another.

We work with multiple innovations, multiple leaders using multiple models and approaches. We help the church teams move from ideas to implementation to impact.

This is done in our programs that help them generate new ideas and then works to craft those into workable, realistic plans based on their contexts. But we continue to work to see these plans through to a measurable impact.

We then take what is being learned and use our story sharing tools – our weekly email newsletter, our blog posts, books, concept papers, online global conferences and other tools to inform, inspire and encourage others to greater effectiveness.

Leadership Network is a Christian Non profit 501c3 donor supported ministry organized in the United States. We have an administrative hub in Dallas, Texas but our team is deployed all over the world.


Our Strategy

Exploring Conversations

  • Discovering leaders of influence and innovation
  • Listening to their Strengths, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Being curious about future possibilities
  • Exploring Trends that will impact the wider kingdom
  • Finding Innovations that lead to higher performance (“Let’s Talk Together”)
  • We believe that meaningful conversations that lead to action can change the world.

Establishing Connections

  • Connecting the “dots” of data and conversations to reveal a larger trend
  • Seeing the bigger kingdom vision beyond ourselves
  • Connecting leaders to one another for deeper conversations (“Have you connected with this idea or person?”)
  • We believe that by connecting leaders we catalyze Kingdom change.

Empowering Collaboration

  • Ideating for Kingdom impact to help leaders imagine and map future possibilities
  • Challenging to action leading to improved performance
  • Encouraging accountabilities to peers for encouragement and refinement (“Let’s work together on this”)
  • We believe that collaborative environments of peers lead to better ideas and results.

Encouraging Multiplication

  • Affirming and blessing leaders for their kingdom impact
  • Informing the Church by sharing what we and our clients have learned
  • Inspiring others through the stories of God at work among our leaders.
  • Surfacing new conversations that we need to explore (“Let’s build on this or Let’s multiply this”)



Our Values:

  • What’s Next? – We are always exploring the issues that leaders are addressing next.
  • AHA! – We help leaders and teams come to moments of clarity that help them focus and transform their work.
  • Positive Deviants* – We don’t work with average churches and leaders. We focus on those that are getting exceptional results.
  • Generous Relationship. – We hold an open heart and hand to our clients. They are our friends and fellow travelers
  • Results, Results, Results….. – We are not satisfied with good ideas but seeing the implementation and measuring the results of what is being accomplished
  • JESUS – we help the CHURCH be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities and around the world.